Monday, 18 August 2014

Pocket Scrapping - Norfolk

I'm sharing another pocket page today; this one's from our holiday to Norfolk in May and again it has a few odd photos that just didn't fit with the 12x12 pages I've done from that trip.

Up until now I've used a single colour background per month/trip for my divided pages, but this time I used up an old freebie set of papers in blues and browns. Strangely enough, it's a winter-themed collection but it works rather well with beach photos.

The top row has some narrative about the trip and who went (it was a group holiday, not just our family) plus pictures of our cottage. Row two has a couple of photos from our first day on the beach; these two didn't fit with the 12x12 page that I also made (Wonderful Day). The bottom two photos are my daughter plodding up Beacon Hill (see 103m) and Horsey Windpump looking rather forlorn without its sails, which were undergoing maintenance.

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