Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pocket Scrapping - January

I don't 'do' Project Life as such, but I can see the value in including the smaller stories and everyday events in my scrapbooks. In previous years, I've done this on 12x12 pages even if some members of my family wonder why I made a page for something so minor, like the sunrisea haircut or a bit of DIY

This year I've decided to combine pocket scrapbooking with my 12x12 pages. I have a variety of divided page protectors, but I decided to use the ones with 6 4x6 landscape pockets. I think that most of my photos will be landscape, and the portrait ones will just have to be printed at a maximum of 4" high. There will mostly be one photo in each pocket; if anything needs more than one photo then it will have a 12x12 page as normal.

April might seem a little late in the year to start a project like this, but it's something I've intended to do since the start of the year, and my version means each month only takes a short while. For example, January has 8 4x6 cards including a title:

I chose to use one colour background for each month; January is blue and all the papers are either scraps or cut down from 6x6 pads. The 'Scout Hike' pocket is just a photo with Word Art over it as the hike had enough story to get a full 12x12 page too (Boys v Girls).

My format means that each month will have as many or as few cards as I have photos and stories for, and if I find that I have missed something out I will be able to just move all the cards along one space and add it in later.

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