Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt - The Finale

It's officially autumn now, and Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt has come to an end. It's time for one last check-in and to share this year's pictures.

As always there was a good mixture of items that were easy to find, that had to be tracked down, or that relied on a modicum of luck.

My hunt has taken me far and wide, with photos from five different countries this year, and I managed to find all 21 items, plus one of the substitutes (although I didn't need it in the end). I've shared some of these pictures previously, and some are new; this is my final selection for 2015.

1. A bouquet of flowers
On board MS Black Watch - 21 August

2. An ornate door knocker

Corner Brook (Canada) - 23 August

3. A person walking a dog (or other animal)

Runnymede (England) - 13 June

4. People playing a board game or card game
28 July

5. Architectural columns

Royal Exchange, London - 8 June

6. A metal bridge

Victoria Park, London - 8 June

7. A turtle
On board MS Black Watch - 22 August

8. Someone "plugged in" to social media
Corner Brook (Canada) - 23 August 

9. A tent

Peak District (England) - 18 July

10. A college or university
Belfast (Northern Ireland) - 29 August

11. A cellular tower or television satellite dish
Killybegs (Republic of Ireland) - 15 August

12. A public restroom, bathroom, or toilet
Sydney (Canada) - 22 August

13. A merry-go-round or carousel
Saint-Pierre (France) - 21 August

14. A traffic signal
"Traffic Light Tree", Docklands, London - 18 September

15. A flag pole with at least three flags on it
Sydney (Canada) - 22 August

16. A panoramic view, taken while standing someplace high in the air

From Signal Hill, St John's (Canada) - 20 August

17. At least two people wearing matching outfits or uniforms
On board MS Black Watch - 28 August

18. An overloaded truck, car, bicycle or other vehicle

Mile End Park, London - 8 June

19. A ticket booth

Runnymede (England) - 13 June

20. A natural body of water

The Atlantic Ocean (and a whale) off the Canadian coast- 24 August

21. A photograph of you with a sign reading "2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt". 

Alternative A: People eating outside

Runnymede (England) - 13 June

Rinda is holding a party to celebrate the end of the Scavenger Hunt - a linky party - where we can all share our finds. Why not hop over and see how everyone else got on?


  1. Super - I'm sure I have commented on many of these already but I'll say again, the bridge is lovely. Your uniform one is great too! Laughed at how we had the same traffic light. I thought I was being so clever but it's come up a couple of times - imagine if we had all turned up there on the same day and discovered we'd all been "sent" by Rinda!!!

  2. I remember seeing all but the August photos, and I'm SO glad you did a recap. Wish I had thought to do the same. You got some fantastic photos. I was truly impressed, especially with the different places you went and the photos that looked like you were there specifically to get the shots.

    I loved the overloaded bike and matching outfits, but the flags were clever. And I'm in awe of that panoramic view, too. Congrats on getting all these. Rinda sure had us working for the photos this summer, didn't she?

  3. That traffic signal is the best!! I love the overloaded bike too. Great finds all round!!

  4. Well done! You certainly captured them over a good portion of the globe.

  5. Lovely snaps, I'm partial to that row of sailors. ;-)

  6. I love your overloaded bike and uniforms, and I think it's funny that you went out of the country to photograph the bathroom.