Monday, 4 April 2016

Readership Survey & Giveaway Winner

I posted a Readership Survey and a Giveaway two weeks ago to mark my one thousandth blog post. The main thing that I've learned from it is that my readers either don't like or can't be bothered with surveys. Despite my blog averaging 30+ page views per day, only a handful of people completed my questionnaire in the week that it was open, and only one left a comment on the post.

My Giveaway winner is Natalie Nelson. Please email me (or drop me a PM via Facebook) with your address and I'll put a bundle in the post.

I'd hoped for more feedback in order for me to decide the future direction of my blog. Passing this milestone has made me think about why I blog, and my main thought is "Is it for me or for you?"

I've been posting on alternate days for more than a year, but lately this has been harder to achieve; sometimes I've felt that I am crafting to a deadline just in order to provide the next blog post and it's taken some of the enjoyment out of it. 

I had wondered whether to carry on with the walking posts, since this is primarily a scrapbooking blog, but one thing that did came out of the survey was that people do read/enjoy those posts, so they will continue.

I will still be here, I am still crafting, I will share my walks, but I think that the blog posts will be less frequent in future. I'm not making any promises or commitments, let's see how April goes.

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  1. Well not matter what April brings, I will be popping by every few days to see what you have been up to. :)