Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Few Birthday Cards

I'm not a prolific card-maker, but I do try to make birthday cards for my family and friends. I used to cross-stitch them all, but it's way too time-consuming so these days it's paper all the way.

The first one was probably the simplest - I stamped a flower with a two-part stamp set and double-matted it before mounting it on a plain card covered with floral paper and finishing off with a peel-off sentiment:

More stamping on the second card. I started off intending this to be a background layer, but I decided to punch some tiny flowers and show it off instead:

The third card was a variation on one that I made last October; that one had a number 10, but this one has an 18 for my nephew. He's a West Ham fan so I used claret and blue with gold for the stars.

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