Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Personalised Graffiti

I've been concentrating on challenges from just a couple of blogs recently, and neglecting one of my favourites - Scrap Whispers - so it's time to remedy that. Their Challenge #168 was to scrap a surprise, and to only use two colours. When I first read it I couldn't think of a surprise to scrap, and I was going to pass on this one. 

However I was out walking along the Thames on Sunday when I made a surprising find. This stretch of sea wall (or should that be 'river wall'?) is used by local graffiti artists and varies from scribbles via ornate tags through to large works of art, and it was as if this one had been painted just for me:

My layout is small, just 4"x6", and it will form part of a divided page where I will be chronicling the smaller things about 2014.


  1. You must have been surprised to see your name on the wall. It's a good piece of graffiti.

  2. How cool is that! Your own personal piece of wall - haha! Thanks for playing along.
    Rosey x