Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Pocket Scrapping - February

As I explained in this post, I'm combining 12x12 pages with divided pages in my 2014 album, so that I have a record of some of the smaller, more everyday happenings in among the day trips and holidays. I'm using one type of divided page protector throughout the album; they're by American Crafts and have 6 6x4 landscape pockets per side. I'm making as many cards as I need for the events and stories from each month; I used eight for January, filling the front of my first page and the top two pockets on the back. February continues in the bottom two rows of that page and I have fourteen cards in total for the month, partly as we did more things (half term falls in February), and partly as I got better at remembering to take the photos.

I'm using mostly scraps and 6x6 pads for these pages, and sticking to one background colour per month; January was blue and February is brown. Embellishments are very simple - punched shapes, washi tape and gems are quick and easy to repeat.

I have a mixture of things here and I'm trying to include all the family, not just my year. My husband is a keen walker and I have photos from his walks and I've recorded my daughter's school trips, even though we have no photos. My son is 'missing' and I need to try and include some more of his interests (even if it's just a picture of him playing on his games console). I also have the 'everyday' stuff - baking, snowdrops and TV programmes.

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  1. What a great way to include so many moments.