Saturday, 12 July 2014

Pocket Scrapping - April

Batch scrapbooking my March divided pages was much quicker than my one-card-at-a-time approach to earlier months, so I moved straight on to April. This was the month that we visited Paris, so I'm splitting my divided pages into three sections. Firstly I have the everyday stuff for the whole month, then I'll move on to pages from Paris and Disneyland, although they were really mid-month.

I've chosen a different colour for each month's background papers and April is a spring-like yellow. I had events/photos for just six cards this month which left one pocket empty at the bottom of the page protector. I've just put a piece of patterned paper in it for now so that I can start Paris on a new page.

Our month: spooky Edinburgh; an attempt at cooking curry from scratch; a day in London at the Globe Theatre and South Bank; gingerbread Easter bunnies; a fox that took a liking to our garden.

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