Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt - June Finds

We've reached the end of the first month of Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt, and I'm enjoying seeing the blog posts popping up here and there, and seeing people's finds posted to the Facebook Group.

I had a fantastic day in Runnymede recently, where I found 10 items and one of the substitutes, but I only have a few more photos to share today. I normally do the bulk of my hunting during the school holidays, which are still three weeks away here.

The full list is on this handy printable, thanks to Julie Kirk (which saves me a lot of typing!)

Apart from my Runnymede finds, which are in a separate post and I won't repeat them here, I have:

5. Architectural Columns
8 June - The Royal Exchange, City of London

6. A Metal Bridge (I've found a quite few, but I'll just share two.)
8 June - Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, London

8 June - The Regent's Canal, London

9. A Tent
4 June - Skreens Park, Chelmsford

12. A Public Restroom
12 June - Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock

14. A Traffic Signal
8 June - On the lock between the River Thames and Limehouse Marina, London

There are two more metal bridges here too, one on each lock gate.

18. An Overloaded Truck, Car, Bicycle Etc
8 June - A cyclist in Mile End Park, Tower Hamlets, London

20. A Natural Body of Water
8 June - The River Thames at Limehouse, London

The majority of these are from 8 June, when I completed my walk of the Jubilee Greenway with the section of the Regent's Canal from Islington to Limehouse. I've been really bad at blogging this and I do intend to catch up soon.

Meanwhile, you can catch up with the progress of my fellow Scavenger Hunters via the link-up at Rinda's blog. And, if you like what you see, it's not too late to join in with us. You have until the Autumn Equinox (22 September) to track down your own versions.


  1. BEAUTIFUL bridge in Tower Hamlets, and I had to laugh at the guy who'd "even taken the kitchen sink!!!

  2. Great finds, and that is one overloaded bicycle! The Victoria Park Bridge is gorgeous!

  3. Great finds for the hunt! I especially like the metal bridge & that overloaded bicycle.

  4. You're just blasting through that list!
    The lock traffic signal is so unusual, and I love that bridge in Victoria Park.

  5. I just love your bridge in Victoria Park - so pretty.

  6. That sink on a bike really takes the prize! All the pictures are fabulous. Well done on a different traffic signal.

  7. Really great photos! The overloaded bike was hilarious .... how did he balance it, I wonder?!

  8. Everything AND the kitchen sink on the bike! Great bridges too. BJ

  9. You're off to a great start. I don't usually get cracking until the summer hols either. Love your kitchen sink guy on the bicycle.

  10. Ooh - I just hopped over from Hazel's blog [where she mentioned your lock traffic signal] and then I run into my own name! I'm glad you found the image of the list useful!

    What a great shot to capture the sink on the bike! and I too am planning to use the Thames as my natural body of water ... when I eventually get there later in the summer!