Friday, 21 August 2015

Washi Tape Storage

My washi tape storage solution is dead simple. A couple of years ago, I altered a tin for a challenge, and my washi tape has been stored in it ever since. It's decidedly low-tech, and I need to tip them all out to get to any but the top few. However this means that I am regularly looking at my tapes, and I have a good idea of the colours and patterns that I own.

Recently though, my collection has expanded beyond the capacity of that tin, and I have little stacks on the shelf next to it, little stacks that are easy to knock over and then I have to hunt them down from wherever they roll to.

Being the hoarder crafter that I am, I not only have another tin, but I have another sheet of the bird paper. However, when I went to use it I spotted a floral from the same collection and decided to cover my new tin in that paper instead.

I used a glue stick to adhere the paper to the tin, and covered the join with washi tape (what else?). 

I'm happy that my washi tape rolls can't escape any more, I've used a tin that I was keeping 'in case it's useful', and I even have room for a few more rolls. However, I think that two tins should be my limit. They hold about 25 rolls each, and no-one needs more than 50 rolls of washi tape, do they?


  1. Hold your tongue Amanda, you can never have too much of any stash including washi! Great looking storage. xx

  2. Love the tins - I threw out my 'waiting to be altered' collection after it had been in the way gathering dust for over 2 years. My washi tape solution is to put about a dozen on a long piece of string and tie it in a loop - I can dispense the tape without removing it AND hang it from another dining room chair whilst crafting :) x

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