Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Gift Card Holder III

Christmas is almost here and, in a reversal of the recent trend, I've done most of my shopping in store rather than online this year. My nephew requested a Game giftcard, and I duly obliged, but it didn't come with a card to write in.

I've made two previous gift card holders from Fiona's tutorial at Staring at the Sea, and she came to my rescue again this week. (You can see them here and here.) I decided to go 'boy' rather than 'Christmas' and used kraft cardstock, paper from Simple Stories and twine instead of ribbon.

I make my cards a little larger than the ones in Fiona's tutorial and I had to re-work out the measurements for scoring as I didn't note them down last time. This time I have, and I'll include them here if anyone is interested (and so I can find them again). I started from a 6"x12" piece of cardstock and punched one end, which brought it down to about 30cm in length. Starting from the unpunched end, I scored at 8cm, 11cm, 14cm and 22.5cm, which gives a final card size of 15cm x 8cm. (Sorry about the mixed measurements; it must be my age, but I find myself able to switch between metric and imperial with ease. Cutting down a 12" paper to 30cm makes sense to me!)

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