Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmases Past

Merry Christmas!

No new scrapping today, but I thought I'd look back over Christmases past, via the scrapbook pages I've made:

Last year, my children were camera-averse, so I have no photos from Christmas day, but I marked the season with a quartet of London trees:

and a page from my Nan's Christmas party:

My children hadn't been keen on photos the previous year either, but I compromised with photos of the stocking-opening before I put the camera away for the rest of the day.

Back to 2012 now, and I made a 12-photo page with all aspects of the season:

Two pages again in 2011, but only one has those camera-shy kids and I remember cajoling them to smile for the photo in Trafalgar Square:

The other had my Christmas baking, and I've made some of these treats again in the last few days (though the mince pies have been replaced by Mary Berry's mincemeat streusel):

My last page is from 2010, when our children were happy to both decorate the tree and let me take photos of them. (Last year they only put on the 'special' decorations, not the plain baubles, and this year I've done them all.)

Merry Christmas, and I should be back with some new pages soon.


  1. Hi, found you via blog bits - Love your layouts so I scraplifted one, hope you dont mind