Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt - In Austria

Every year I try to do as much of Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt as possible while we are on holiday, especially when we are in another country.

We spent last week in Austria, in an area east of Salzburg called the Salzkammergut, or Austria's Lake District. It's stunningly beautiful and this was our second visit to the area, having been there two years ago.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to find all 21 items in just a week, but I gave it my best shot (and interpreted one or two of the items rather loosely):

2. A footprint or pawprint
Footprints after the antics in number 9 

3. A skeleton, bone or x-ray
A skull in a shop selling antiques and curiosities.

5. A porch or deck
Or maybe a balcony?

7. A family gathering
The family gathered at the top of Schafberg.

8. A drawing, art project, artistic photograph, scrapbook page, greeting card, or art journal page created by you
My travel notebook, which I decorated a few months back and where I jotted down notes and information before this trip.

9. Someone playing with, in or around water
My daughter and me, tubing on Wolfgangsee

10. A bicycle
Advertising in St Wolfgang

11. Fresh produce
A market stall in Salzburg

12. A window
Framing the view from our hotel room

14. A buffet of food

16. A map showing a trip taken during the time period
Our walking route from the top of Schafberg (see number 7) back to our hotel in St Gilgen (tracked via Map My Walk).

19. A seasonal cocktail or beverage
Raspberry lemonade on the balcony.

So that's 12 of 21 found in Austria, though many of them are repeats of earlier finds and some of these won't make the final cut at the end of the hunt. All in all, I've found 17 of 21 and one of the alternatives. I know where to find the twins (friends of my daughter) and I'm saving the self-portrait for the end, along with a scrapbook page (instead of the notebook). I can probably hunt down a camper/caravan, but someone laughing is proving elusive; they tend to stop laughing when I point a camera at them!

The hunt ends with the autumn equinox on 22 September, so just a couple of weeks left to go. Happy hunting!

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  1. great finds on your travels about. I like your scrapbook map cover.