Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ink Applicator Pad Storage Booklet

I used not to see the point of the Ranger ink applicator tool; I was quite happy inking my papers directly from my ink pads. Then I got some Distress inks, and found that the ink pads were firmer than my Docrafts/Papermania pads, and that made them harder to use. Then I bought a new Docrafts pad and it was too 'juicy', giving me streaks of ink instead of soft edges. 

So when I won a Papermaze gift voucher last autumn I treated myself to the tool, which came with two foam pads. It did actually make inking the edges of my papers considerably easier and I wished I'd bought one sooner. I kept the two pads for black and brown ink, and stored them in small plastic bags when not in use. Most of the time though, one was in use; the tool has practically lived on my desk since I bought it.

Last month, I bought a set of refill pads for use with other colours, and gave myself a new problem. Just where was I going to keep all these pads? And how would I know which one was which colour? I considered some kind of plastic pocket system, but didn't really want to buy something new. Finally I hit on another idea, one which would use up some old supplies, and I made a mini book with velcro pieces to hold the foam pads.

I started by covering a pair of chipboard album covers with paper on both sides, running washi tape down the spines. I used old, thin paper for this as it's easier to manipulate:

Then I  added small squares of self-adhesive velcro in a grid. My covers had space for 12 foam pads, six each side, and I added a small label to each place for the colour names:

I then cut down a piece of square scalloped chipboard, and added it between the covers. I didn't cover this piece; it will lie against the inky sides of the foam pads, and will absorb the ink better that way:

Finally I decorated the front cover, keeping it quite simple as I didn't want anything bulky or that would snag in use:

I am really rather pleased with the way it turned out, and now I'm looking for other things to alter to match.

Teresa Collins Bracket Shaped Covers
Scalloped Chipboard
Self-Adhesive Velcro
Papers - K&Company Sea Glass
Washi Tape - Queen & Co
Labels - 7Gypsies
Ink - Docrafts, Ranger
Craft Creatives Alphabet Stamps

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