Sunday, 19 July 2015

Thoughts on Pages and Albums

Yesterday I shared the final page from my 2002 album (in the sense of the last one I made, I don't usually scrap chronologically, so there are existing pages from later events). While putting them all in the album I was struck with just how bulky my pages have got over the years. 

I started scrapping in 2008 and my early pages are totally flat. My titles were sometimes computer printed, sometimes stickers or rub-ons, but they were all flat. I had very few embellishments either, mostly paper or stickers or a bit of stitching, so still quite flat. I use postbound albums and putting 20 (or more) page protectors in one album was normal; they measure just less than one inch and don't strain the spine at all.

These are my 2009 albums - one for our cruise to Norway, and one for everything else. There are 22 and 20 page protectors in them, a total of 42 in two albums.

Fast forward seven years and I'm using a lot of Thickers for my titles, my pages have more embellishments and they're generally bulkier. Admittedly I have 27 page protectors for my 2002 album, but the stack of pages measures a whopping 1.75 inches. I tried to cram them all into one album, but the posts were unstable, and I had to split them across two. These 27 page protectors occupy a similar space to the previous 42.

The need for an additional album for 2002 doesn't worry me that much, and I bulk bought these in TKMaxx a few years ago so I had a spare. However it does make me wonder how many I'm going to need in the future. But,
  • I'm not going to take less photos
  • I'm not going back to flat pages, and
  • I'm not switching to three-ring albums
so I'll just have live with putting fewer pages in each album, and using more albums if necessary. They just might need a new home though, as they are outgrowing their current space.


  1. I think as trends changed and stash was more accessible in the UK we are able to add more variety to our pages. That does mean the thickness of our albums has increased, I'm with you though in that I wouldn't go back to flatter layouts as I love the layers. I have changed over to ring binders though and find them more flexible for my many layouts of holidays! I do think I need to not necessarily take less photo's but be more selective in which ones I scrap.xx

  2. I think I've come full circle and my pages are now less bulky again.
    But the key is to scrap the way you like!