Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt

They think it's all over ... it is now.

Spring is (officially) here and so the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt has come to an end.

Back in December, Eileen and Joy posted a list of 21 items to be found and photographed by 21st March and I've done my best to track them all down (with a little interpretation here and there).

By the end of February I had found 14 of the 21 items, I neglected the hunt for most of March and then had a final run around with just days to go but I did find all 21 items.

My previous scavenger hunts posts were:
December - 7 + 1 alternative
January - 5 + 1 alternative
February - 2 

My final seven finds are:

5. A Snowman - A mug that I was given for Christmas one year. It's a little awkward to drink from so it lives on my bookshelf all year round.

10. A Windy Day - I'll admit that this one was staged, but it's a reconstruction of something that did genuinely happen in the storms of autumn 2014.

11. A Fancy Button (or two)

14. Afternoon Tea - I prefer coffee, in my favourite mug, with a home-made biscuit.

15. Candle Light

20. Cutlery - My spoon and pusher from when I was small.

21. My Handwriting - The scavenger hunt list, ready for my December mini-album (if I ever get round to making it).

So that's it, all done! 

Thanks to Eileen and Joy for organising it, and to Rinda who runs the summer hunt which inspired this one. It won't be long before that one comes round again. Until then I'm off to check out how well my fellow hunters did via the final link-up on Eileen's blog.

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  1. Well done you have done really well with your finds, I didn't manage to get them all this year.
    I like the bins laying down, we had many bins getting blown over in the winds.