Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt

The months are flying by, it's March already and time to check in with the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt run by Eileen (In My Playroom) and Joy (Daisy Row).

At the end of January I'd found twelve of the 21 items, plus two of the three alternatives. I still needed a robin, a snowman, a windy day, a fancy button, afternoon tea, candle light, a fountain, cutlery, my own handwriting and perhaps the third alternative item, a shopping basket. 

December Finds
January Finds

I've been lazy with the hunt recently, and I've not yet taken any of the 'easy' indoor photos like the candles and cutlery. However I did get two of the more difficult outdoor photos when I walked the first section of the Capital Ring last week (look out for a blog post for that walk soon).

1. A Robin Redbreast - flitting from branch to branch in Jack Wood (part of Oxleas Woodlands in the London Borough of Greenwich).

19. A Fountain - in what used to be the grounds of Jackwood House (which was demolished in 1927). 

So just two finds in February which put me on 14 of 21 now. The hunt ends with the Spring Equinox on 21st March, so there are three weeks left to find the other seven.

Eileen and Joy are hosting another link-up today, so I'm off to see how well my fellow hunters have done so far. I bet a few of them have finished already!


  1. I like that fountain. The Capital Ring walk sounds interesting. I shall be coming back to read that.

  2. Two excellent finds. That walk sounds so lovely. I am trying to think of a way to get the robin for the WPSH, our outdoor Robins usually do not return until April.