Thursday, 31 March 2016

Altered Notebook

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to win a prize from Michelle at Scrapthology for entering her 'Turn of the Century' sketch challenge. One of the items was a set of chipboard letters; there is one of each letter and they're 2.5" high so I earmarked them for cards rather than scrapbook page titles.

The next day I opened one of my notebooks upside down and at the back for the umpteenth time, because the front and back are identically plain.

I immediately decided to decorate the front of my notebook, and to use the 'A' from my prize alphabet set. I used some tissue paper for its translucency, and layered a couple of washi tapes over it. Michelle also sent me a small silver frame and a tiny shoe which I tied to the spiral binding with a tassel from my stash. I filled the frame with a scrap of the printed tissue paper and an owl sticker; the leaves on the front of the notebook came from the same sticker sheet.

I don't think I'll be opening this book at the back again!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. I have a couple of notebooks that could use some dressing up. I like the book mark of a frame & owl; now that is one I can recreate.