Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Quiet Wednesday

Wednesday is normally a crafty day for me - I posted no less than three projects last Wednesday in a frenzy of Christmas crafting.

However today was quiet craft-wise - I am planning to spend Friday this week crafting with friends so, instead of completing layouts, I spent some time this morning putting together packs for three pages that I want to make. I've printed the photos and the sketches and pulled out the papers and letters that I think I want to use.

I used to take all my supplies (and the car) with me on days like this, but a bit of forward planning means that I should be able to walk to my friend's house, although I will be limited to the supplies that I have packed (or that I can scrounge). I wonder whether I will work faster because I have already chosen my papers so will just have to make them work, or whether I will be hankering after things I left behind and will leave my pages to finish off when I get home.

How do you plan for crafting away from home? What are your 'must take' items? 

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