Thursday, 20 July 2017

25 Days of Scrapbooking Words: 7-18 July

This month, Shimelle is sharing 25 prompts for scrapbooking titles and journalling on Instagram and in the Facebook group Scrapbook Like a Superhero. She's also discussed each prompt a little further in this blog post. Rather than joining in daily, I'm sharing here in two batches.

7. Oh Happy Day
Not a title I've ever used, but I was making this page as the prompts were published, and I was stuck for a title so I (almost) used it. I just changed it to Happy Days since my journalling was about many happy days rather than just the one that the photos came from.

8. A Single Word
I'm copying Shimelle here in picking my most recent page with a single word title; this is from mid-May.

9. Sing a Song
I made this page for a National Scrapbooking Day challenge, but not blogged it yet. I'd thought of the title while on the walk and saved making the page for a 'song title' challenge since I was sure NSD would throw one up, but then I actually entered it in a tic-tac-toe instead.

10. Something Big
I had one photo from last Christmas day and it wasn't particularly good, so I went with a large title to add some impact to the page.

11. Something Small
I could look at this prompt in two ways - either the smallest letter stickers that I've used, or a title that takes up the smallest space on the page. However I think this older page wins on both counts.

12. Something Stacked
Not something that I do very often, and I thought that my example for this prompt would involve a Silhouette cut file (where I can stack up the words and manipulate the fonts to make them all the same length) but then I came across this page.

13. Something Tall
I used a tall, skinny font on this page, enabling me to get a long title into a small space. I also placed the letters a little closer together to reinforce the meaning of the words in the title.

14. Something Simple
Most of my titles are very simple; for travel/holiday pages they are usually just the name of the place or building. Here's one from our holiday last year:

15. Something Said
I really didn't think I had a page for this prompt, but going back to 2011 I found one with my children and their cousins playing in the garden. One of their favourite games at the time was to all pile on top of each other in a heap, while shouting 'Bundle'. The tag on the right tucks behind the top photo.

16. So Much Colour
On the whole, I don't like mixed colour fonts, and I stopped buying multi-coloured letter stickers years ago, but I still have a few and sometimes mixed colours are the only way to go, like this one.

17. Puntastic
I haven't found a page for this prompt; when I do think of a 'punny' title I run it past my daughter and/or husband, and the pitying looks they give me (that's not funny, and how on earth do you think it is?) stop me from going further.

18. Repetition
Shimelle suggests using an opening phrase as a title, and starting each paragraph of journalling with the same phrase. I did something similar for one of the pages I made for a recent cruise album. I wanted to include all these photos in the album, but they were random shots from the day, taken at different times and different locations. I linked them all with the title 'Look Around' and started each paragraph with the word 'look': look up; look sharp; look down; look across; look out to sea.

There are 13 more prompts to come and I'll share my responses to them with you at the end of the month.

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