Sunday, 30 July 2017

Journey of a Page

My Starter Page
During June and early July, I played two games of Scrap Whispers or Chinese Whispers, one on UKScrappers and one in the Mind the Scrap Facebook page. In both games we formed teams of four and passed a scrapbook page from one person to the next, scraplifting it in turn to make a chain of related pages. I thought it would be interesting to start my chain with the same page in both groups and see how it evolved as different groups of people worked on it.

We had the reveal at UKScrappers first, where I played in a team with Mags, Sue and Elaine. 

Mags was first, and cleverly adapted mine to a double page:

Sue was next, lifting Mags' page, and she returned to a single page with a striking black, white and red colour scheme:

And Elaine was the final person to play. I love the fact that she kept Sue's colour scheme while also unknowingly scrapping the same subject as Mags:

A week later, we had the reveal at Mind the Scrap where I played with Clair, Judith and Christine.

Clair was first to scraplift my page, and dropped the bottom photo:

Judith was next, with her version of Clair's page, keeping a very similar design:

And Christine played last, rotating the page and switching to a single large photo:

There you have it. Six pages that all came from mine. Although only two of these scrapbookers saw my original page, the design came through strongly and is still visible in the final pages too.

There'll be another round of Scrap Whispers at UKScrappers in September so if you're interested and not a member of UKS yet, please do join us. (Open to all, not just the UK.)

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