Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Altered Tin

I'm continuing to celebrate Sketch-n-Scrap's birthday now. The next challenge was a word scramble game hosted by Kelly at Creating With Paper and More. I'm pleased to say that I have handed in a complete set of answers for this one. Then it was on to A Work in Progress, where Lynette has posted instructions for how she altered her plain wooden tool caddy into a thing of beauty and challenged us to do the same.

I have had this tin sitting on my bookcase for several months, that I thought would be useful and it just needed prettying up. Recently I have looked at it a few times and thought that I really ought to get on with it, or just throw it away. Lynette's challenge was the push I needed to finally get this done.

I cut a piece of paper to size and used a thin layer of PVA to stick it onto my tin, then I covered the join with a strip of washi tape. 

It needed something more and I tried a few different ribbons around the tin, but they made it look shorter then it is by covering some of the pattern. I considered lace as it could be seen through, but I found that I don't actually have any. While on my lace hunt I found some old fringe that was the perfect colour and added some interest to the tin without obscuring the pattern.

It's a very simple alteration compared to Lynette's tool caddy, but I really like it, and my tin is now sitting on my desk holding all my washi tape and glitter tape, rather than languishing on a shelf awaiting some TLC.

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  1. I always love to see how projects are altered. Thank you so much for taking part in my challenge.