Saturday, 1 February 2014

52 Walks - January

I started the year full of good intentions, you know the ones - eat better, lose weight, exercise more. One way that I plan to fulfill the 'exercise more' part is to combine it with scrapbooking. My usual exercise is plain old walking but I usually walk the same routes and get bored with them after a while. I decided to make a greater effort to walk in different places each week and to record each walk on a 6x6 page. I managed to stick to this for January and these are my first six pages:

Title Page:


Walk 1 - Lion Gorge: Following a footpath through part of a local nature reserve to see where it went, ending with a muddy scramble up a bank to the main road.

Walk 2 - I drove to Harlow for this one - an orienteering event in the very muddy Latton Woods.

Walk 3 - More mud, this time in Weald Park, Brentwood. I was there so early in the day that I had parts of the park to myself.

Walk 4 - A local (though long) walk to the Herbert E Brooks Memorial Gardens where a holocaust memorial has just been erected.

So far I'm enjoying this project, both the walks and the scrapping, and I have a long list of places to go. This month has been a good mix - a local explore, an organised event, a wander around a familiar country park, and a walk to visit a specific place. Here's hoping that the weather is as kind to me in February.

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  1. I like this idea - a walk a week - along with a scrapbook page to record the highs and lows, the changing weather etc. It'll be interesting if you revisit say 13 different walks at different times of the year and see the effects of the seasons. Good luck with it all!