Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt - All Done

They think it's all over - it is now.

Now that summer has officially ended, Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt has come to a close too.

I deliberately left my sunrise (no. 13) until this month when the sun was rising at a civilised time. Sadly, getting close to autumn meant that I encountered a series of cloudy or misty mornings, but my early rising was rewarded on Sunday with a reasonable shot at the rising sun:

The hunt item that's given me the most trouble is no. 3 - birds on a wire. Our wires are all underground here, and although I've spotted birds on wires a couple of times on my travels this summer I haven't managed to get a photograph. Therefore I've taken up my daughter's suggestion - Pixar made a short animated film called 'For the Birds' which was released with Monsters Inc, and which we have on DVD: 

Cheating? Maybe... but I have one of the alternatives (the bird house) so I'm still claiming 21 items found.

You can see a summary of all of my finds (for this year and the previous two years) by clicking the link at the top right of my blog, or individual posts by clicking the label at the foot of this post.

Rinda is holding a party to celebrate the end of the Scavenger Hunt - a linky party where we can all share our finds. Why not hop over and see how everyone else got on?


  1. Thanks so much for participating and linking up! I love your sunrise; I'm really glad I included it on the list, as it was a great experience for me to rise early and observe the reverse sunset. Off to check off the rest of your recent finds.

  2. Great idea for the birds on a wire.

  3. Love your birds on a wire - great lateral thinking!