Thursday, 4 September 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt - August Update

It's that time again - time to link up with Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt and share our progress towards finding her list of items.

I'm a few days late as we've been on a camping trip, staying in Somerset, but also visiting Dorset, where I found some great lampposts in Lyme Regis.

When I last checked in I had 15 items from the main list, plus one of the alternatives. It's been a quiet month, and I can only add a few more:

2. A garden gnome
Found lurking in my brother's garden

12. A mascot
Captain Rage, one of the mascots of Adventure Island, a theme park whose biggest roller-coaster is called Rage.

17. A lamp post
I've shared two lampposts previously, but these in Lyme Regis are by far my favourite of the summer.

I'd previously found gnomes and lampposts, so these only bring my total to 16 out of 21 (click on the tab at the top left to see them all). The five that I have left are:

3. Birds on a Wire - Seen these a few times, often in the same place, but I drive under them and they fly off. I'm beginning to think that I need to park nearby and wait for them to land again. Maybe I'll do this later in the month when time is running out.

10. A Photo Bomb - This really shouldn't be too hard, but every time someone wanders into frame, I refrain from taking the photo; I just need to take it anyway. We're visiting the Harry Potter Studios tomorrow, so maybe I'll get lucky.

13. A Sunrise - Sunrise has been disgustingly early here over the summer (4:45 anyone?), but it will be a more civilised time (6:30) later this month, so I'll be trying for this one soon.

14. A Parade & 15. A Juggler - We're going to a local agricultural show on Saturday. There's a Grand Parade at noon and mini displays of circus skills throughout the day, so I'm hoping to tick off both of these. 

Some people have finished their hunt already, but others are finding  the last few pictures to be more elusive. Why not hop over to Rinda's blog and see how they are getting on?


  1. Those nautical lamp posts are wonderful!

  2. I love those lamp posts at Lyme Regis, unfortunately I didn't get there this summer to take a photo. I got my sunrise this morning as the time was more reasonable (6.30am), it was a bit cloudy but I managed. Hope you get the rest!

  3. Love those lamps they are great. Good luck with the rest of the hunt. Diane