Saturday, 20 September 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt - Almost There

I've just realised that there are only three days left for this year's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt, organised by Rinda on her blog. Last time I checked in, I had five items left to go, and I had a successful weekend at the beginning of September, knocking off three, plus duplicates of two previous finds.

On a visit to the Harry Potter studios I found another bus with a picture on its side (no. 20):

I also captured a photo bomb (no. 10) at last, two sets of legs behind a model of Hogwarts Castle:

Next day we visited the Orsett Show, a local agricultural and horticultural show, where I found my parade (no. 14) - the Grand Parade of Traction Engines:

and my juggler (no. 15):

I also found another Birdhouse (Alt B), complete with a rather cute bird:

So, two left. The birds on a wire have been elusive, so I'm wondering whether birds on pipework might count:

These were on the conning tower of the submarine Ocelot in Chatham Dockyard. Alternatively, I can offer you birds on masts (in Lyme Regis harbour):

Still trying to get that sunrise - I decided to wait for mid-September for this one as sunrise is now around 06:30 but it's been cloudy or foggy every day this week. If necessary I'll use a photo my husband took when he was camping in June, but I'd much prefer to take all the pictures myself.


  1. Some lovely photos here. The lamp posts that look like shells or horns are just great. Your birds on boat masts is wonderful inventive thinking. Well done.
    Margaret #18

  2. Love, love, love your juggler! And the birds on a wire are really cool.It's been fun to see such a variety of parades.
    Thanks so much for participating and linking up.