Sunday, 31 January 2016

Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt

We've finished the first month of the year, and the second month of the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt kindly hosted by Eileen (In My Playroom) and Joy (Daisy Row), so it's time to check in and share our finds.

There are 21 items to be found, plus three alternatives that can be substituted if necessary. I'd found seven, plus one of the substitutes, when we last compared our progress at the end of December; you can see those here is you wish.

This month I've added five more, plus another of the alternative items:

2. Tinsel (just before I packed our Christmas decorations away).

11. My favourite pudding (Chocolate tart with satsuma jelly and praline ice cream. Not exactly a favourite, but it was a lovely end to a Christmas meal.)

13. Street Art (found under a bridge over the River Lea ).

17. A Ladder (another find from my Lea Valley Walk).

18. An arrow (found the same day by one of the moorings).

Alt B. An Animal Statue (a fun bull, found outside a restaurant that is opening soon).

That puts me on 12 of 21 plus two of the three alternatives. The ones that I still need to find are a robin, a snowman, a windy day, a fancy button, afternoon tea, candle light, a fountain, cutlery, my own handwriting and perhaps a shopping basket. 

The button, tea, candles, cutlery and shopping basket shouldn't be particularly difficult really, but I need a little help from the weather for the windy day and the snowman. The robin's going to need a little luck, and I may need to take a special trip to a fountain in March unless I find one on my travels next month. That just leaves my handwriting (which can't be substituted) and I will save that for the final link-up.

The Scavenger Hunt runs until the end of winter on 21st March, so there's still plenty of time for you to join us too. 


  1. Love that animal statue! I hadn't noticed the alternates but should because I just passed a great animal statue!

  2. Me too! Love the bull (and the tinsel pic).

  3. I bet you were glad that street art isn't real! Love the bull too. Good luck with the rest.

  4. Amazing street art, if only that talent could be using for better displays, maybe like the children's hospital or senior residences. Interesting metal statue of the bull.