Monday, 12 June 2017

30 Days of Scrapbooking Photos: Days 1-10

At the beginning of the month, Shimelle launched a 30 Day Scrapbooking Photo Challenge with daily prompts. I haven't posted any photos yet, but I have thought about them each day, and I'm pulling the first 10 together in this post.

1. A Layout I Love
This was hard to choose, and I limited myself to pages made in 2016/17. Flicking through them there were actually a lot that I'm not completely 100% happy with, pages where I wish I'd done things slightly differently in hindsight; I won't change any of them but there are tiny niggles with placement or product choice. I've picked this one because there is absolutely nothing that I want to change about it.

2. A Paper I'm Still Saving
I'm not deliberately saving this one, but when we started cruising I bought a lot of themed papers, and then discovered that I don't use many. Most of the pages in my cruise albums are about the places we visit on the land, so I haven't used all the ship/sea papers that I bought. 

3. Three Colours I Love Together
This is a hard choice too, so I'm going to pick two sets of three colours: aqua, yellow and grey (which I used for the whole of my 2013 cruise album); also orange, green and blue (which feature in my 2015 cruise album). Neither of these pages are cruise pages though:

4. Stamps - Use, Collect or Ignore
I tend to ignore my stamps. I don't have very many because I learnt that I don't use them very much, so buying more would be a waste. I keep all my clear stamps in one relatively small basket; I've bought about half of them and won or been gifted the other half. I tend to only use them when prompted, or when making an album where I want to be able to repeat a motif throughout. 

5. Favourite Pen or Font
An easy prompt - my favourite journalling pens are Faber-Castell Pitt pens in superfine. I have black and brown and really wish they made grey in this thickness. 

6. A Page About Myself
Like many scrapbookers, I'm often behind the camera and don't appear in many of my pages; even fewer of them are specifically about me. I've had to go back to 2012 for this one, which I made in response to a Glitter Girl prompt to scrapbook ourselves.

7. My Desk Right Now
My desk in the aftermath of a card-crafting session. I have a dedicated craft desk so that I can leave pages-in-progress out while I work on them. A page can take me several days as I tend to craft in short sessions.

8. Something I'd Buy in Bulk
There isn't much, but I do buy cardstock in bulk when I'm preparing a themed album. I did my Olympic and Paralympic album on kraft, my Harry Potter album on cream and my Canadian cruise album on grey.

9. Favourite Subject to Scrap
This ought to be my children, but they are teenagers and have turned camera-phobic, so I will choose our holidays instead, especially cruises!

10. My Scissors and/or Trimmer
I have quite a basic trimmer which I use in conjunction with the A2 sized self-healing mat that covers most of my craft desk. I use these scissors for most of my cutting as I find the longer blades give a smooth outline as I cut, and I switch to a craft knife for the fiddliest bits of fussy-cutting.

I'll be back next week with the next 10 prompts; in the meantime, Shimelle is posting daily in the Scrapbook Like a Superhero Facebook group, and also on Instagram.

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