Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt - London Finds

This summer I'm taking part in the new Photography Scavenger Hunt being run by Mary-Lou at Patio Postcards. I rarely start serious hunting before school finishes for the summer (19 July this year) but a business meeting in London earlier this month gave me an opportunity to pick off a couple.

Number 13 on the list is a dome, so that meant St Paul's Cathedral for me. My meeting was in Fitzrovia, I visited a couple of shops in Tottenham Court Road and then headed for Blade Rubber Stamps near the British Museum. My route took me through Bedford Square where I hit gold with a plethora of plaques (no. 21 on the list) on the buildings there. There was at least one more, obscured by scaffolding on a building undergoing renovations:

Moving on via Holborn, and heading towards St Paul's, I spotted an alternative dome atop the Central Criminal Court aka the Old Bailey.

And finally, I hit my target for the day - St Paul's Cathedral - one of the largest domes in the world.

Mission accomplished, but I kept my eyes open as I made my way to my 'home' railway station, and I spotted this building in Cannon Street, perfect for No. 17 on the list - circles or crosses in architecture; I found crosses:

One month gone, and I've found three of twenty-five items. It's a slow start, but we'll be entering the holiday season soon. The hunt runs until 30th September so there's plenty of time for you to join in too; the full list can be found at Patio Postcards.


  1. You have found some amazing examples & thanks for joining in. Interesting crosses & circles; beautiful dome examples & WOW to the statue on top of the criminal court dome.

  2. I love reading those plaques telling you who has lived there. St Pauls Catherdral is a grand choice and well spotted with the tower with crosses.

  3. As a fellow Londoner, I have St. Paul's and any number of blue plaques waiting to be photographed. You've made a great start!

  4. Your three finds are fabulous!

  5. Amazing finds! That building is the perfect capture!

  6. What a great choice of dome! You've got some great photos already. Can't wait to see more!