Thursday, 22 June 2017

30 Days of Scrapbooking Photos: Days 11-20

This month Shimelle has been hosting a 30 Day Scrapbooking Photo Challenge with daily prompts and stories on Instagram and Facebook. I haven't been playing along daily, but I shared my answers to the first 10 prompts last week, and I have the next ten for you today.

11. A Purchase I Can't Explain
Fiskars Texture Plates - Actually I can explain them, but I should never have bought them. They came with a small tool to work over the surface and emboss a design into your paper or cardstock, but I've rarely used them. I lusted after them for ages in my local WHSmith, and only bought them when they were drastically reduced, but it was a misplaced purchase. 

12. Something That Always Inspires Me
I make a lot of pages in response to sketch challenges on either Sketch-n-Scrap or Stuck?! Sketches, and if I'm stuck for ideas I normally turn to these sites first.

13. Storing My Albums
My completed albums are on the shelves of a console table in the lounge. The cream and brown ones are annual albums, cream from earlier years and brown from more recent years; the green albums are from Norwegian cruise holidays, black is Harry Potter and the blue is my Olympic and Paralympic album. I also have a shelf in my study/craft room for albums in progress plus two more cruise albums that I need to go through and add the finishing touches.

14. A Special Title
I wasn't sure what to pick for this; I normally use a mix of Thickers and smaller letter stickers for my titles but they don't seem to be particularly special. Scrolling through my pages for titles that stand out or are a bit different, I was drawn to a few where I've layered one part of the title over another. This one was cut on my Silhouette, but I've also layered two sizes of sticker in the past. 

15. Changes in Style
My first album was for a cruise we took in 2008; the pages were mostly cardstock with a few dark patterned papers and the occasional Jolee's sticker for embellishment while my titles and journalling were almost all computer-printed. These days it's mostly patterned paper in lighter colours, there are more embellishments available, my titles are either made from letter stickers or cut on my Silhouette and I journal by hand. These four-photo pages were made in 2008/9, 2013 and 2017 and show changes in my style over that time:

16. What I Need Before I Start
Just the obvious really - photos and patterned paper, plus a plan. I generally choose embellishments as I go along, and pick letter stickers for my title near the end.

17. My Camera
I don't stay completely up-to-date with my tech, and both my phone and my camera are hand-me-downs from my husband (who does regularly update his). My camera is a Olympus SZ-30MR and I use it for almost all my photography; my phone, a Samsung of some sort, is really just an emergency back-up for when I either don't have my camera with me or its battery expires unexpectedly.

18. A Favourite Technique
I'm never sure what to say for this, but I do like a stitched circle on my page and I chose a machine-stitched one for an NSD blog hop on favourite techniques. Nothing has really changed since then, so I'll pick it again (and re-share my page from that day).

19. A Page With a Punch
I have a drawer full of punches and use them often (unlike those stamps from prompt 4); my favourites are a postage stamp border punch from Fiskars and a 1" scalloped circle punch from Woodware. However I'm going back to 2012 and a page from a class Shimelle ran called & Now for Something Completely Different. This made a feature of several overlapping rows of punched cardstock; I use a bracket punch for my strips and they fitted together to make a pretty lozenge pattern.

20. Something With Circles
I have two circle cutters, a Fiskars shape cutter which works with a set of circle templates and a Kreaxions circle cutter. The Fiskars templates come in 15 fixed sizes from 1" through to 8.25"; the Kreaxions cutter is totally flexible (up to 10") but it works like a pair of compasses with a blade instead of a pencil' this leaves a small hole in the middle of the circle so it can't be used on photos. I used both on this page - Fiskars for the photos and Kreaxions for the mats.

I'll be back next week with the final 10 prompts; in the meantime, Shimelle is posting daily in the Scrapbook Like a Superhero Facebook group, and also on Instagram. 

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