Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Austria 2014 / Bad Ischl

I'm going back to 2014 now, specifically the album for our summer holiday in Austria. I've done all the 12x12 pages, but I have some divided ones to do too. These came about because I was intending to include Austria in my annual 2014 albums, and those albums are a mix of 12x12 and pocket pages. I've split the pages out into their own album now, but there are pictures and stories that I had deliberately left for the divided pages so they are still happening.

This page will be first in the album, so had to have a title card. I'd bought a postcard with a relief map of the region while we were in Austria and that's in the second pocket. The rest of the page is about our journey, ending with a rainbow at Salzburg airport after we had landed.

The back has a selection of photos from the town of Bad Ischl and also our tickets for the Kaiservilla which has a separate page in the album. This was a set of photos that might have had a 12x12 page if I hadn't been fixed on the idea of having divided pages in the album too.

I've used an assortment of scraps and 6x6 pads from My Mind's Eye for these pages. Most of the stickers and two of the ephemera pieces are from OneCanoeTwo. The Saturday and Monday stickers are from the Echo Park This and That collection pack that I almost killed off last week and I probably wouldn't have thought to use them here if I hadn't done that first.

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