Friday, 20 April 2018

Starting Point Pages

I still have a few pages left to make from 2014 but they're feeling like a chore, so I've diverted into playing with pretty paper in a different way.

I don't often buy a whole collection but when I buy a few sheets from one I keep them together for as long as possible, in a ziplock bag on the shelf. Some of these bags are down to scraps now so I've decided to clear them out by making a few 'starting point' pages, pages where I just cut those scraps into boxes (or circles) and layer them up in a pleasing manner ready to add the photos later. 

The first page I made used Dear Lizzy Neapolitan by American Crafts from 2012. I had no whole sheets left so added a pink heart print that I think is from a Pebbles baby collection. I had decent size pieces of the floral and cream papers so started from a broad L-shape then layered the smaller pieces and some branding strips over them. When I finish off this page I'll make sure that my photos cover the gap between the jar and the pink lined paper. I still have a piece of jar print paper left but I've cut it into individual jars and added them to the drawers where I keep my embellishments sorted by colour.

Next up is Little Sport by Fancy Pants, also from 2012. My largest piece was a zig-zag print, still 12x12 but with a couple of pieces cut from the edges, so I cut down a plain paper to go over it leaving the zig-zag as a border on two sides. The only other piece of significant size was the stripe so I used that as a potential photo mat and layered most of the other pieces behind it. The blue was already two pieces (which I trimmed to be the same width) and I cut and stretched the zig-zag and spot papers to go above and below the stripe. I then took some of the smaller scraps and made a small cluster on the left where the plain paper meets the zig-zag background.

My third page uses This & That Charming by Echo Park; it was another 2012 release and this time I did buy the collection pack. The largest piece I had left was about 11x12 as I had previously cut a strip from it. I backed the gap with a 12" long scrap and filled it in with a border sticker and some strips cut from a yellow paper. Then it was a case of cutting pieces into rectangles and layering them up; the book print is two pieces so I made sure to place a strip over the join. I'd previously punched a number of circles so I pulled them in here, but only the ones at the top with the green tab are actually stuck down. Once I've chosen some photos I'll stick the journalling card and the other circles under and around them. I still have a number of stickers left so I'll be able to add some of those later too.

Echo Park's Dots & Stripes Christmas (2011) has had a different treatment; it's never really worked for me as a collection in itself because most of the papers are single colours. I've added the red and brown full sheets to the organiser where I store single papers by colour, and added the snowflake patterned ones and the scraps to my bag of mixed winter-themed papers. I've also cut up the sticker sheet and added the pieces to my embellishment drawers.

The last starter page for today is based on Daily Stories by Teresa Collins (2014) but I only ever had about four papers. There weren't enough pieces left for a page so I added a background from the original Shimelle collection and some other papers from my scraps box. The butterflies and meshed circles prints are TC, I've binned some tiny pieces of a floral print and I just have some of a cut-apart sheet left now. I'll use some of the cut-apart when I finish the page and then turn the rest into embellishment pieces.

I've really enjoyed making pages in this way for a change and I intend to go through my scraps box soon to make a few more. I have some really lovely papers in that box that deserve to be part of a page instead.

I'll try to place links to my finished pages here once they are done.

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